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Dub / Instrumental 2014-04-27



AB Vyrus – A Night In Dubai (Original Mix)
Andy Compton – What You See (Digit Dub)
Atjazz, OVEOUS – Soldiers (Instrumental)
Aurra – Party Time (Instrumental)
Blaq Owl, Betty Msiza – Intimacy (Re-Work Instrumental)
Bluesoll – Fallin Away – Instrumental Mix
Boston Rodriguez – Lost in Space (DJ Spinna Dub Instrumental)
Boston Rodriguez – Lost in Space (Instrumental Version)
Boston Rodriguez, Cherie Mathieson – Lost in Space (DJ Spinna Dub)
Craze M, Toffee Brown – Butterfiles (Solution Dub)
Craze M, Toffee Brown – Butterflies (Rancido’s Traveling Soul Instrumental Mix)
Crazy Z Projects – Never – Instrumental Mix
Denis Bjorn, Nick Sinckler – Follow The Sign (Seb’s Underwater Dub )
Dj Able, Donald Sheffey – Whatcha Gonna Do (Dub)
DJ Center – 2AM inna London Dub
DJ Center – Dem Say Ah Instrumental
DJ FOPP,CIKO DJ – Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (tribal dub)
DJ Whisky, Jonny Miller, Zaki Ibrahim – Lost It All (Jonny Miller Instrumental Mix)
FLOYD, Vincent – Your Eyes (instrumental)
Frequency 88, Nicole Tyler – Peace Of Mind (Speedboats _ Big Explosions Super-Sexe Dub)
Gene Farris, Demarkus Lewis, Wally Callerio – No One (Re Rub Dub)
George Vibe, Brujita – What It Means (Jerry Flores Ice Cold Dub)
Hardsoul, D-train – Absolute (Dub Mix)
Housadlction – Soulful Meeting Theme – Old Skool Dub Remix
King P _ Bright Breeze – Bitter Sweet (2lani The Warrior Dub )
Lilac Jeans, LaVeda – Hand and Glove (Instrumental Mix)
Louie Vega, Axel Tosca – Sunlight (Louie Vega Ritual Dub)
Nini Maluks, Nick – How Long (Heart Cut Instrumental Mix)
Pagany – Colors Of Your Love (Feat. Myles Sanko) [Francesco Cofano Dub Mental]
Paolo Rocco – Move Body, Move Forward (Yoruba Soul Dub)
PHILTER INC feat SANDY B – Next To You (dub mix)
Problem Child – Kwenzenjani (Darque’s Define Dub)
Problem Child – Kwenzenjani (Lele X’S Broken Soul Dub)
Problem Child – Kwenzenjani (Mizz Dub Mix)
Proper Heat – For the Love (Monsoon Season Dub)
Ralf Rondell – My Forgotten Paths – Bar _ Lounge Instrumental Version
Route 94, Jess Glynne – My Love (Instrumental)
SecondCity – I Wanna Feel (HK Deep House Edit) (Instrumental)
Shoplifters – Together (Instrumental Mix)
Steven Stone, Pete Simpson – I Found My Way (Oded Nir Instrumental Lounge Remix)
Steven Stone, Wendy Lewis – Game Over (Instrumental)
Tai Malone – Taken Over (DIY’s Story’s Vocal Dub)
Tai Malone – Taken Over (Klubb Conektion Dub)
The Jinks, Zodiac – Like Music (Dub Mix)
The Jinks, Zodiac – Like Music (Instrumental Mix)
Tracy Hamlin – Home (David Harness YellowBrik Underground Dub)
Tracy Hamlin – Home (Tedd Patterson’s Home Girl Squad Dub)
Vick Lavender – Bunda Expeience (Sophisticado Dub N Life Mix)

Funky/vocal/disco/club house 2014-04-27



0208 Crew – Make It Rain – Original Vocal Mix
ABACK – Something Like This (original mix)
ABACK – We Play House (Nick Garcia Funk It remix)
ABACK – We Play House (original mix)
ABACK – We Play House (Scott Ducey Royal Flush remix)
ACID DRINK – Prima Amada
ACID DRINK – Quarta Sinfonia
ACID DRINK – Secunda Palabra
ACID DRINK – Tertia Mentira
ACID DRINK – Ultima Carta
ALEC HALL,KANTHOLZ – Eivissa (Alec Hall 6am remix)
ALEC HALL,KANTHOLZ – Eivissa (Raphael Pad remix)
ALEC HALL,KANTHOLZ – Eivissa (Thomas E remix)
Alex Spagnuolo – Give Me Everything (Point G main mix)
AM Waves – Shout (Personal Danceflor mix)
AMNIZA – Dancin' (original Old Gramophones mix)
AMNIZA – Technology (original mix)
AMNIZA – Velo (Now That We Found Love) (original mix)
Andrey Slam – Integrity (Feat. Miss N) [Slam Rejam]
Andrey Slam – Not Over (Feat. Miss N) [Slam Rejam]
AXOR – Away
AXOR – Indigo
AXOR – Reaching Out
AXOR – Sol
AXOR – Suspended
BENY JUNIOR – Crazy Good
BENY JUNIOR – Disco Freak
Black Beauty – Trust (Bb Mix)
Black Mighty Wax – Shake Your Heart (Feat. Sarah Jane Morris) [Manna Spiritual Deep Remix]
Block _ Crown – Wylin' (Get in This Groove)
C – Major Sa – Good Show (Feat. Zipho K)
Carlo Galliani – Kiss
Cauipe – We Are One
Coco Basel – Triste Monde (Classic) (Classic Version)
Coco Basel – Triste Monde (Sun Mix)
COOL AFFAIR – 9th Street
Cristian Stolfi, Ariano Kina – Deepest Dreams (Feat. Adam Clay) [Dan Aslow Remix]
Dan-E-Mc – Saturday (Feat. Vanessa Jay Mulder)
Dan-E-Mc, Kathy Brown – Take Me High
Dana Byrd – When Love Comes (Steve Paradise Paris Mix)
Deep Elle, Astralbody – Rise Up (Feat. DБ─≥layna) [Extended]
Deep Ness – Deep Guitar (Feat. Stefano Pozzi)
Deep Ness – To Be Happy
Deepjack – Twenty Three Degrees – Lucas Rezende Remix
Dennis Hercules – Tonight – Original Mix
Discotizer – Disco Steps
Discotizer – The Luv Boat
DJ DALAS feat KAYLA – Most High
DJ DIOGENES – Brazilian Summer
DJ FOPP,CIKO DJ – Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (body reprise)
DJ FOPP,CIKO DJ – Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (Menini _ Viani remix)
DJ FOPP,CIKO DJ – Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (original mix)
Dj Klaas – Food For Your Soulful Mouth (Feat. Mixas)
DJ Razor, Mpeelo – I Just Don't Get It
Duck Sauce – aNYway
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand
Duck Sauce – Chariots of the Gods (feat. Rockets)
Duck Sauce – Charlie Chazz _ Rappin Ralph
Duck Sauce – Everyone (feat. Teddy Toothpick)
Duck Sauce – Goody Two Shoes
Duck Sauce – It's You
Duck Sauce – NRG
Duck Sauce – Ring Me
Duck Sauce – Spandex
Duck Sauce – Time Waits For No-One
Expanded People – At The End Of The Night – Original Mix
Fhernando – Sweet Addiction – Original Mix
Flunk, Sandro S – On My Balcony (Extended)
Francesco Cofano – Disco Fashion (Feat. Marika Tisei) [Longh-Lni Lovely Remix]
Fuminori Kagajo – Angel (Feat. Selina Campbell) [Fumi's Soul Bounce Mix]
Funkellers – My Friend Martin
Funky Judge – Hang On To Your Love (feat Fassy – Pagany nu funk remix)
Funky Judge – Hang On To Your Love (Feat. Fassy) [House Bros Full Vocal Remix]
Funky Judge – I Can't Go For That (Pagany nu disco mix)
Gian Carl Gaultier – Fever
Gloria Gaynor – Mighty High (Feat. The Trammps) [Keith Thompson Remix]
HEAVY _ DUTY – La Arena
Hiorrana – Taking My Good Drinks
Hopes Matters – Deputy of Love (2012 Tribute Pt.2) [Discotizer's Club Cut]
House Bros _ Underdeep Inc – Deep Inside
House Bros, Underdeep Inc – Deep Inside (Soulful Mix)
James The Cat – Be With Me
Just4Funk – This Is Funky (Dirty Disco Mix) [feat. Orlando Johnson]
Kaye-Ree – Natural High (Eric Kupper's Mix)
Kick-Oh – I'm Lazy
Kick-Oh – Night Birds
Kim Stanton – Paradise Island
Lello Fusco – Groove Is In The Air
Lexa Hill, DavidБ─≥s – Little Symbol
Linda Rose – We Got Feeling
Locomotif – Onirica (Fromwood Stormy Remix)
Luyo – YouБ─≥re My Delight (Dj Spen _ Gary Hudgins Remix)
Marco Finotello – Goodbye To Goodbye (Feat. Mr. Shy, Maggie Smile)
Mati – Der Prinz
Max Riolo _ HouseLab – Our Fever (Alex Raider mix)
Meriam Marie – No Frustration (Club Mix)
Nagwoode – Attack Formation – Original Mix
NKOKHI – Feel The Music
NKOKHI – People Of The South
NKOKHI – Woza Bona Vula
Pagany – Joy And Pain (Feat. Barry Stewart, Yvonne Shelton) [Roby Arduini _ Pagany…
Pagany – Joy _ Pain (feat Barringon Stewart _ Yvonne Shelton – House Bros Miami diskofunk mix)
Peppe Santangelo – 1 Miss You (Feat. Lory Casella)
PHILTER INC feat SANDY B – Next To You (accapella)
PHILTER INC feat SANDY B – Next To You (club mix)
ReDisco – Time to Party (Funkish Mix)
Sergio DБ─≥angelo, Astralbody – Everybody Wants To Party (Feat. DБ─≥layna) [Deep Elle Mix Extended]
Silva Phunk – Siren In Love (Sonnie Mancino orbital mix)
Stefano Amalfi, Robbie Groove – Dirty
Stefano Kaplanski – Mlnou Sale – Original Mix
The House Tribe – Easy Lady
The House Tribe – Pourfemme
THE SAME – Soul Calling
Thomas Brown – StarStruck
Thomas Brown – Time to Party
Thomas Lefevre – Dream On
Three Device – The Way You Love Me (Feat. Elove Taylor)
Tommaso Messina – Plastic Funk (Feat. Fanny Starr) [Francesco Lopez Remix]
Tony Colangelo – Closer Than Close (Feat. Neisha Harley) [Club Mix]
Tonya Gipson – My Sorrow (Soulful Vocal Mix)
Vittorio Santorelli – Find Your Joy (B-Liv Soulclub Mix)
VOLTERETO – Funky Train (Amarilyo remix)
VOLTERETO – Funky Train (Neopoly Project remix)
VOLTERETO – Funky Train (Oleg Stuff remix)
VOLTERETO – Funky Train (original mix)
Zolee – Blow Your Head – Original Mix