Various Artists – Steve Miggedy Maestro ReTouches [MMP Records]

Various Artists - Steve Miggedy Maestro ReTouches [MMP Records]

Belizian Voodoo Priest – The Return Of Prince Ea (Steve Miggedy Maestro ReTouch)
Jemell, Muffiin – So Over You (Miggedy’s Right Now Vokal ReTouch)
LadyMarySound, James Thompson – Who Is (Miggedy’s Jack-N-Sax Vokal ReTouch)
Mortimer Snerd III – The Shalimar (Miggedy’s Vokal ReTouch)
Ondagroove, Marie Pinto – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (Miggedy’s Falling Vokal ReTouch)
Sonic Natives – The Sonic Native Anthem (Steve Miggedy Maestro, Mortimer Snerd III ReTouch)
Steve Miggedy Maestro – Filtered Paradise (Belizian Voodoo Priest ReTouch)
Steve Miggedy Maestro – Jazz Stargate (Steve Miggedy Maestro ReTouch)
Steve Miggedy Maestro – Weh Leh Leh (Miggedy’s African Nation Vokal ReTouch)
Steve Miggedy Maestro, BRIO! – Saditty (Miggedy’s Jackin’ ReTouch)
The Beat-Trayers – Bring Back The Jack (Mortimer Snerd III ReTouch)
Uber Harmonics, One Dee, Ms H – Feel The Rhythm (Miggedy’s Heartbeat Vokal ReTouch) (feat. Ms H)



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